Tuesday, November 15, 2011


In the Book of Mormon we read of different military leaders who inspired their men to fight. The two fundemental driving forces were either hatred or love. The righteous Nephite leaders strengthened their men in love of their God, their family, and their freedom.1 On the other hand, wicked men inspired their warriors with hatred towards their enemies or for power and money.2

I have experience first hand the difference both types of leaders can make. Maybe not to the same extremes, but to some degree. During my high school years spent on the track I had great coaches. They showed confidence in me and my abilities. They cared about me. They inspired me to want to become a better athlete. However, when I had coaches who yelled at me and told me only what I was doing wrong I was not prone to work as hard.

In both cases (in the Book of Mormon and in my life), those who were inspired by love were more effective than those inspired by hatred. I hope we can be like my track coaches and help those around us to recognize their potential and help them to reach it. It's easy, just love them.

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