Friday, May 27, 2011

The Creation

       Under Heavenly Father's direction, Jesus Christ created the earth. We can read about this process in a couple three different places. First, in Genesis chapter 1, notice the pronouns in verses 26 and 27. Secondly, in the book of Moses chapter 2. Heavenly Father wanted to give us a place to learn, grow, and be happy. I have defintely found happiness here in my life. Lastly, check out John 1. Its' a good one too.
       Every year my dad takes us kids backpacking in the Uinta Mountains. We hike two miles to some lakes and pitch our tents. We spend time fishing, hiking, and just being together. I love being in the beauty that God created. I definitely feel closer to Him out there away from the world and the day to day stresses. I am thankful for the wonderful world in which we get to live our lives. I hope we all treasure the blessing it is to live in such a beautiful place.

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