Tuesday, June 28, 2011


       No, I'm not talking about cattle. B.E.E.F. is an acronym my basketball coaches used to help us remember how to shoot a basketball. B stands for balance, E for eyes on the rim, E for elbow in, and F for follow through. I spent hours working on my shooting form. I wanted to be a decent ball player and shooting well is a big part of that.
       Comparing this to the gospel, our goal in life should be to become a decent person and maybe even more than just decent. To realize our potential, Heavenly Father has given us a formula just like the one my coaches gave to me. We call this formula the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps us to keep our lives balanced, focused on worthy goals, keep covenants with our Father in Heaven, and follow through unto the very end. So just remember: B.E.E.F.

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  1. Michael Jordan (this shot in particular) broke my heart at the tender age of seven. Other than that...good blog! Haha.



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