Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Regrets

During my high school days I ran on the cross country team. I was definitely not the fastest runner on the team but I had fun and was able to work hard and improve my race times. Many runners would write things on their arms with a marker or a pen to remind them of something during the race. One such phrase I often saw on our team was "No Regrets."

One of the worst feelings after finishing a race is to not be tired. You look back and can see that you could have worked much harder and ran much faster. It's a disappointment most runners will feel at one point or another. Our lives can be compared to a cross country race. We don't want to walk through the finish line, or even jog. We don't want to look back afterwards and see that we could have done so much better. We want to finish strong knowing that we have fought a good fight and finished the course.1 Let us live our lives in such a manner that we will have "No Regrets."

Running the Race by Elder Steinicke

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