Wednesday, September 14, 2011

16 Ways to Be a Better Person

A couple three years ago my stake president gave a talk that has stuck with me. He included 16 things that we can all work on. My mom typed them up and put them on our fridge. They have been a great help to me. Here's the list:
1. Love and respect everybody
2. Don't gossip
3. Love and thank Heavenly Father often
4. Give selfless service
5. Forgive others
6. Go to the temple often
7. Cave
8. Thicken your skin
9. Don't be jealous of anything or anyone
10. Don't withhold gratitude
11. Don't cause contention
12. Repent
13. Fight self pity
14. Quickly admit you are wrong
15. Take advice
16. Use the phrase, "I could be wrong, but..."

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