Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walls, Doors, and Windows

Life is like a big building. We travel from room to room until we make our exit. Behind each door of decision lies a consequence, for the good or the bad. The walls of the world hide these consequences. However, the Lord has given us the gift of the Holy Ghost which acts as a window. Through the Holy Ghost, the window of opportunity, we can better see the results of our actions and choices. So how do we get this gift?

In the Book of Acts we read that it must be conferred upon us, after baptism, by the laying on of hands by someone who holds the priesthood. Neither the priesthood nor the gift of the Holy Ghost can be bought with money as Peter teaches in the 8th chapter of Acts. Rather, it must be given from God (See Hebrews 5:4).

Once we have received the gift of the Holy Ghost we are promised that if we live worthily we will have that companionship always. When this is the case we can look through the windows of the building of life into the next room and thus make better decisions. Let us each strive to gain and retain this gift.

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