Friday, April 27, 2012

Construction and Criticism

Something that I struggle with at times is taking advice from others. So this post is more for myself than perhaps anyone else.

In athletics it is common to have a coach of sorts who helps you to fix things you are doing wrong. There are other reasons for coaches but this is definitely a main focus. As the athlete, you have to learn to listen to what your coach says and then change how you perform a certain thing. For me, it's always been easy to listen to most of my coaches. However, I have had coaches who I felt like didn't know what they were talking about. It is very difficult to follow what they say when you feel like you know better.

The same principle applies to our spiritual athleticism. It's often easy to take advice from someone we respect and admire but difficult when it comes from others. When we feel like we have had more experience it is hard to listen to what they say without becoming defensive. The truth is that we should listen carefully to all criticism and look for the truth in what they are saying. We shouldn't become defensive or begin attacking their weaknesses as if that would somehow make it better.

I know that it's difficult. It is something I have a tough time with. But I know that the principles are true. Hopefully we can begin to self-construct rather that self-destruct and build each other up as well.

See also: Job 5:17

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